About us

My shirt is an online platform that offers fashionable designs for costumers of every lifestyle. We seek to satisfy all types of personalities by offering a range of prints covering categories from sports to high fashion. Our aim is to help everyone find ‘my shirt’, the kind of t-shirt you love to wear, specifically fit to your taste.

We lend an artistic approach to each and every style. We use only super soft cottons and polyester blends that are undeniably comfortable. My shirt offers long sleeve and short sleeve items so there’s something for every season.

To reach and satisfy the widest range of interests we create prints both in house and external. We collaborate with young designers and artists that push the boundaries of taste and creativity. This way we create prints for all ages and sparks of interest.


Collab: Samen werken? Send us a mail [email protected]

            Patser by Nina Caspari in collaboration with My Shirt